Verbal Arts delivers quality workshops, presentation, displays, tutorials and demonstrations in schools, colleges and youth centres and at festivals, carnivals, fetes and fun days in the area of the urban arts:- Graffiti / Spray Arts, Breakdance / Street Dance, Rap / Poetry and Dj / Music Tech and in drama performance and performance poetry.
The Verbal Arts is proud of its ground-breaking community work and continues to carry out challenging projects in the fields of discrimination, bullying and education. Utilising poetry, movement, music and vocal instrumentation, the Verbal Arts will convey a specific organisations, Body's or Company's via visual message, psychical, musical and vocal presentational theatre/workshops. This, we feel, will give your message a real edge, and therefore, impact in today's competitive information market.

Please contact us to discuss your project as we are always interested in new and innovative ways to apply our art.

Booking line 07919596795 - for all the DJs to leave messages and promo their gigs/offer support and advice to new DJ schools participants.

Verbal Arts group is established to engage disadvantaged young people in urban community arts by investing in, promotion, and presentation of grassroots projects. Verbal Arts aims to stimulate interest in vocal-work, movement and musical presentation in terms of social communication, personal expression, and self-awareness. In doing so, we hope to introduce participants to basic breathing, devising and performance techniques and therefore, build self-esteem, character, choice evaluation and an appreciation of effective teamwork.

A key objective for Arts Verbal is to enable young people from disadvantaged backgrounds experience and knowledge of our specialised art forms in a safe and informing environment. Above all we stress that all aspects of the operations are safe, fun and enjoyable but challenging. We aim to give everyone equal opportunity of participation and feel that maximum benefit is gain by those who take part with this approach. We aim to promote equality, treat everyone as individuals, and maintain that race, colour, religion, sexuality, disability, or disfigurement is not a bar to participation or facilitation.